About Me

I am an Associate Policy Researcher for the RAND Corporation.

I recently received my doctorate at New York University's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and work as a data analyst for New York University Langone Medical Center's Health Choice, Policy and Evaluation section. Before enrolling in the doctoral program, I received both an M.S. in Policy Analysis and Management and a B.S. with honors in Policy Analysis and Management from Cornell University.

My research interests are in health policies related to obesity, substance abuse, pharmaceutical use, and other health behaviors. I use theoretical frameworks and research methods from health economics, policy analysis and public health.

I am currently leading a team of researchers who developed the first longitudinal database of licensed substance abuse treatment facilities between the year 1975 and the present with several collaborators. The same has also being done for mental health treatment facilities between the years 2008 and the present. Both datasets are updated daily and geocoded at the address whenever possible.